Patent Trolls

17 September 2013

Angry entrepreneur replies to patent troll with racketeering lawsuit:

"There's a lot of outrageous stories, but everyone's so damn afraid of coming forward—It's like going against the Mafia," he said. But the idea that trolls may retaliate against those who speak out is overblown, he thinks. "If they want to try to teach me a lesson, go for it. This will be my retirement. I'll fight them."

Here it is:

  • Everyone knows that patent trolls are useless companies that only try to steal money from defenseless ones.
  • Everyone knows that they don't invent anything.
  • Everyone knows that they cost a lot — of time and money — with endless legal procedures.
  • Everyone knows that it's pure bullshit and extortion, and yet, it is perfectly legal.

Stupid system.

I'm not against patents and inventors' rights. But there is a big difference between protecting your properties from real thieves and suing everyone without actually creating anything.

However, if the only solution to this problem is to abolish the patents system, so be it.