I am Matthieu Oger, a product manager, developer and designer from France.

I co-founded Pixelnest Studio in February 2014 with Damien Mayance. We are crafting some delightful apps, websites and games. Our most famous product is Steredenn — an award-winning shmup/roguelike.

This place is a way to express my thoughts and opinions on a broad range of subjects, including technology, design, photography and development.

These opinions are mine, not those of my company.


You can…

If you want to contact me directly, use Twitter.

About this blog

I built this blog with Gatsby. The code and design are purely mine, except for some icons (Twitter, GitHub, Dribbble and Instagram). These are made by Daniel Bruce, from his Entypo set.

The layout is particularly optimized for mobiles and high density screens (read: retina displays).

If you want to follow me with your favorite feed reader, use this Atom feed or this JSON Feed. You can also subscribe to the @matthieuogercom Twitter account.

About my work

Check out the Pixelnest Studio website to find up-to-date information about my company.