09 August 2013

Zach Holman:

Everyone works differently. The trick is finding out how you work best. For me, I tend to take an OCD approach to emptying things. I keep a clean desktop: under three icons at a time, preferably. It made sense to use my desktop as a kind of bucket I needed to empty: it's always there, and I can put short, actionable items there because that visually disturbs me enough to want to clean it off (and do the action).

This is why Inbox Zero works so well for handling email for me. I try to use that mentality everywhere, really: iOS notifications, browser tabs, terminal tabs, and so on. Reducing ambiguity around what to do next is a huge deal for me.

I have a similar mindset. I hate having stuffs in front of me:

  • I close any app I don't use now
  • I keep my tabs at a minimum
  • I empty my mail inbox as much as I can
  • I prune my RSS and Twitter feeds
  • I clean my OS desktop

A sort of minimalism? Probably.