Origami 2.0

25 February 2015

Facebook released Origami 2.0 yesterday… and wow, that's a huge update.

I've already spoken about Origami one year ago. I didn't have the chance to use this software that much since, but I'm still keeping an eye on it. And I'm really impressed by the 2.0 version.

Brandon Walkin on Medium:

Today, we’re excited to release Origami Live for iOS along with a major new version of Origami for Mac. Origami Live is a new app that lets you use your Origami prototypes on your iPhone or iPad. Alongside it, we’re releasing Origami 2.0, which has a ton of new features, including code exporting, powerful gesture support, Sketch integration, presentation mode, and more.

I've watched the new video tutorials on the site and tested Origami Live (a companion app that displays your prototype right on your phone). It worked flawlessly and the results were impressive. The app is smooth and perfectly synchronized with the desktop viewer.

I didn't try the Sketch integration, but if it works as advertised, that's a big win for my workflow.

They have also added a ton of new shortcuts to speed-up the app. Like if you press t between two nodes (when hovering on the output or input of a node), Origami will automatically insert a transition node between them:

Origami new shortcuts

There's a lot more that you can learn by watching the videos or reading the full list of shortcuts. The documentation is much more complete than when I tried Origami last year. At the time, it was really difficult to get into it. It looks way easier now.1

You can download Origami here (it requires Quartz Composer).

If you are interested in Quartz Composer & Origami, there's also a plugin named "Avocado" that enhances Origami. It has been updated for the 2.0 release, but I didn't use it with the latest version.

  1. I might be wrong, but I also have the impression that they removed the need for the patch inspector. It looks like you can do everything directly on the canvas now. But this may be the case since the previous versions.