Samsung and Watches

05 September 2013

Ben Thompson nails it in “Shameless Samsung“:

I jumped on the leaked prototype, with the same general sentiment: Samsung’s watch will undoubtedly change drastically whenever Apple’s wearable is released. And, to be certain, we will mock them for copying. […]

We, especially in the West, have a powerful sense of justice and fairness when it comes to product features and being first. Business, though, is not fair, even if it is more just than we care to admit.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is horrid. I was tempted to write an article about watches and Samsung last week, but Ben Thompson did it way better today.

  • Samsung rushes to create a ridiculous watch in order to be the first.
  • Someone else (probably Apple) will release a great watch.
  • Samsung will copy it.

But hey, it's business, so it does not really matter if it's fair.

N.B.: The only thing that is against Samsung in this case is that watches are fashion accessories.

The only hardware maker that has a sense of fashion is Apple (the iPhone is almost a “jewel” in its form after all). A watch needs to be elegant and refined. Samsung is probably incapable of doing that given its history of tasteless products.

N.B. 2: The fun fact with watches is that ordinary, they are quite expensive. $300-400 for a “smart” watch that looks like a quality watch won't be that much for the targeted market.

Update on N.B. 2: