Apple Is Future Proof

16 September 2013

The Most Forward Thinking Apple Yet”:

In many ways, WWDC, and more so, the iPhone 5C and 5S represent (and had to represent) Apple's reply to the naysayers. However, I think there was more to the announcements than what met the eye.

(Emphasis mine)

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Everything that Apple announced last week has no real purpose currently — or only a fraction of what will be possible with one day.

For example, the fingerprint sensor is a really neat idea, but we will be able to do a lot more with it in the future. The use of the M7 motion co-processor or the 64-bits iOS are even less tangible. Unless you are Apple and you know what will be released next.

They are calmly preparing the ground for the shape of things to come. It's thrilling.

N.B.: The Bluetooth LE technology that was embedded a few years ago was exactly that: at that time, it was useless, but in the context of a wearable Apple watch, it makes a lot of sense.