Google Play New Policies

26 August 2013

Google’s New Policies: Good for Users, Great for Android Developers and the Ecosystem:

So what does all this mean? It means that Google understands that while open is great, at the end of the day, users would rather have a superior experience both in terms of Google Play as a whole, and apps behavior in particular.

I am really thrilled by the changes, but I can't help smiling. Android might be "open", Google is definitely not.

This makes me wonder…

  • Android was the alternative to iOS because of the lack of policies (at least, by the developers). Google Play is now a lot more similar to the App Store. It is not as strict though.
  • Will Google remove the abusive apps retroactively?
  • China? Google was already out, but this will make the situation worse.

Anyways, the chasm between Play (Google's Android) and Android is getting wider every day.

Update: I couldn't agree more with John Moltz...

I think it’s kind of amusing how quickly the narrative has changed from “Yay, open!” to “I, for one, welcome our closed overlords.”